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What Is An SMS API?

"Allow Programmers To Design Software"

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a means by which the functions of a computer program (such as the Bulk SMS service) can be made available to another computer program (such as the notification component of an online booking website).

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API Specification

Programmers Exactly

The term “API” is used both to refer to the documentation that explains to programmers exactly how requests and responses will be formed (the “API specification”) as well as the actual service offered using this API.

Allow Programmers

Bulk SMS offers a range of APIs to allow programmers to design software to interact and integrate with our service. In some cases, existing software with the necessary capability can simply be configured to use one of our APIs, without any custom coding needed.

Integrated Into Your Software

Once the SMS API has been integrated into your software, you no longer have to manually log in to an application or platform to send SMS messages. Instead, these protocols allow for the process of sending SMS messages to become automated.

Feature Rich SMS integration with Magento SMS Extension

This new extension is built to integrate and send SMS from e-commerce store. It has been entirely built from the scratch to render ultimate solutions to e-store owners.


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