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API Integration

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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Business with Seamless Integrations Softchimp’s CRM Software is designed to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of platforms, ensuring that your business operations are streamlined and efficient.

By connecting your CRM with other essential business tools, you can enhance productivity, improve data accuracy, and gain a comprehensive view of your customer interactions.

Key Integrations

Here’s a look at the platforms that can be integrated with Softchimp’s CRM Software


Automate your email marketing campaigns, track performance, and manage subscriber lists directly from your CRM.


Sync customer data, track purchase history, and manage orders directly from your CRM to provide a personalized shopping experience.


Integrate your CRM with your WooCommerce store to manage customer relationships and sales data efficiently.


Manage and track your social media interactions, ad campaigns, and customer messages from a single platform.


Monitor mentions, respond to tweets, and analyze engagement metrics within your CRM.


Connect with potential leads, manage relationships, and track engagement metrics.


Connect with your customers and update latest offers and deal instantly.


Send attractive messages and updates about your businesses using images, videos, and much more.


Track and manage payments, refunds, and transactions directly from your CRM.


Integrate payment processing, manage billing, and track financial transactions seamlessly.


Efficiently handle support tickets, monitor customer inquiries, and assess performance directly within your CRM system.


Integrate your CRM with Slack to receive real-time notifications, manage team communication, and streamline collaboration.

Microsoft Teams

Enhance team collaboration by integrating CRM data, customer interactions, and project management tools.


Streamline your billing, invoicing, and financial management processes.


Schedule and manage virtual meetings, webinars, and video conferences directly from your CRM.

Google Workspace

Integrate Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive to streamline communication and document management.

Microsoft Office 365

Sync Outlook emails, manage tasks with Microsoft To-Do, and collaborate on documents with OneDrive.


Manage projects, track tasks, and collaborate with your team using Trello boards directly from your CRM.


Automate marketing workflows, track leads, and manage campaigns seamlessly.

Google Analytics

Gain insights into website traffic, customer behavior, and marketing performance.

Get Started with Softchimp’s API Integrations

Integrating your existing tools and platforms with Softchimp’s CRM is a breeze. Our robust API and easy-to-follow documentation ensure a smooth and hassle-free integration process. Enhance your business operations, improve customer relationships, and drive growth with Softchimp’s powerful CRM integrations.


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