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Designed specifically for the beauty and wellness industry, our software offers a comprehensive suite of features to help you manage your salon or spa efficiently and effectively. Discover how Softchimp can transform your business with our robust CRM capabilities.

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Transform your Salon management experience with Softchimp and unlock new levels of efficiency, member satisfaction, and business success. Book a demo today to discover how Softchimp can transform your Salon & Spa facility operations.

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Automate Workflow

Services Management

Effortlessly manage your wide range of services, from haircuts and styling to massages and facials. Our Services Management feature allows you to create, modify, and categorize services, ensuring your clients have access to the best offerings tailored to their needs. Keep track of service durations, pricing, and availability to provide a seamless customer experience.

Stay Connected

Appointment Management

Say goodbye to scheduling conflicts and missed appointments. With our Appointment Management feature, clients can book their appointments online, while you maintain a centralized calendar for all staff members. Automated reminders reduce no-shows, and easy rescheduling ensures optimal appointment slots are filled. This feature optimizes booking efficiency and improves client satisfaction.


Employees Management

Streamline your HR processes with our comprehensive Employees Management module.

Manage staff schedules, track performance, and monitor attendance with ease. Assign specific tasks, set permissions, and keep track of employee records to ensure smooth operations and a motivated team.

Customers Management

Build stronger relationships with your clients through effective Customers Management. Store and access detailed customer profiles, including contact information, service history, and preferences.

Leverage this data to tailor your services and marketing strategies, boosting customer loyalty and retention.

Invoice History Management

Keep track of all financial transactions with our Invoice History Management feature. Generate, view, and manage invoices effortlessly.

This feature provides a clear overview of your billing history, ensuring transparency and accuracy in your financial operations.

Memberships Logs Management

Offer membership plans and manage them efficiently with our Memberships Logs Management.

Track membership status, renewals, and benefits to provide your clients with exclusive offers and discounts. Boost client loyalty and establish a consistent revenue stream for your business.

Offers & Discount Management

reate and manage promotional campaigns with ease. Our Offers & Discount Management feature allows you to design special deals, seasonal promotions, and discounts tailored to your client base.

Track the success of your campaigns and adjust them to maximize their effectiveness.


Acquire valuable insights into your business performance with our extensive reporting tools.

Use these insights to make informed decisions, improve service offerings, and drive business growth.

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