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Restopos is a restaurant management software designed to be an end-to-end software solution to help users run their restaurant. Ideally, if one purchases resto pos software, they will not need to purchase other software to help run their restaurant. While every business is slightly different and has different needs, the intention behind a restaurant management system is to act as a POS solution, table management solution, inventory management solution, kitchen management solution, reservations solution, accounting solution, and more, all in one software package.

Restaurants Operate

Restaurant Management Software

While this may sound overwhelming, the intention is good.
By making it easy to seat a customer, take their order, send that order to the kitchen, and deliver the check.
Restaurants operate on notoriously slim margins, and purchasing one software solution is often more cost-effective than buying many.
Providing a more streamlined experience benefits both the business and each customer that walks through the door.

Resto POS Dashboard


Restopos dashboard is designed to manage the overall operational activity of the restaurant. Restaurant owners and managers can easily track the business sales and orders taken place. Stock management, Track of customers, Purchase and sales happened, Daily summary report, Ingredient alerts can be viewed in dashboard to make stocks, Operational comparison chart in dashboard helps to view the business status on monthly basis. Special feature about the dashboard is top customers and top food items will be tracked to improve the business levels.

POS Systems

POS Screen

POS systems are where you place food and drink orders and send them to the back of the house. The systems allow you to manage different tables, split checks, add tips, and so much more. One POS system can provide a variety of restaurant management solutions. It helps to take orders, accept payments, manage food inventory, and streamline your entire operation, both from the front of the house (FOH) and the back of the house (BOH). POS is managed for food orders taken based on dine in or take or online orders, table management, Kitchen management, Quick invoice, Category wise foods items are managed.

Smart Inventory Management
Invoicing is Super Easy
Made Payment Process Simpler
Ensure the Security of Customer Data
Better Customer Order Management
POS Helps to Maintain a Central Pricing Consistency
Tracking the Activities of Your Staff
Provide Real-time Data
Enhance Customer Service Experience
Tracking Business Growth with Better Report and Analytics
A Complete Automated Workflow

Stock Management

Stock management can be easily managed by track the stock alerts, number of stock purchased and ingredients running out of stock. This stock feature alert will be notified in the dashboard to manage the stocks. Inventory management provides detailed inventory tracking to the ingredient level and seamlessly ties data to recipe creation, food costing and purchasing, receiving and counting tasks.

Restopos system will often have built-in food inventory management features that help restaurateurs accurately order, count, manage and sell their stock. As a restaurateur, stock most commonly refers to materials used in dishes and drinks, down to the last napkin. Stock Adjustments option in restopos helps to manage stocks by a responsible person incharge for a particular stock it can be a manager of a store keeper.

Waste Management

Restopos helps to track and manage your inventory. It gives ingredient-wise reports which help to determine the amount of ingredients used in each dish. Also, it alerts the manager whenever it is time to restock the inventory.

Tracking of waste in restopos helps to create a more efficient waste industry. Based on our technology, smart waste management aims to optimize resource allocation, reduce running costs, and increase the sustainability of waste services.

SMS Messaging

Send any transactional or promotional SMS to the customers and suppliers from the Restopos. It allows users to communicate with your organization for better relationship and communication.


Manage all the databases of customers, suppliers, Ingredients, Inventory management, food menus category wise, table management, payment details under master module.


Generate any report related to restaurant business through restopos software. All reports are maintained in one place which is easy to track the sales, purchases and stock management and overall operations of the business.

Register Report, Daily Summary Report, Food Sale Report, Daily Sale Report, Detailed Sale Report, Consumption Report, Stock Report, Low Stock Report Profit Loss Report,Kitchen Performance Report, Attendance Report, Supplier Ledger, Supplier Due Report, Customer Due Report, Customer Ledger, Purchase Report, Expense Report Waste Report, Tax Report Food Menu Sal.

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