Flexobill Software

Flexobill Software

Flexobill software is an accounting application that can be utilized to automate and streamline invoice processing and payment services. Organizations may use billing software to make it easier to charge consumers for the products and services they have received. By using this type of software, companies can reduce the time and effort required to manage invoices and improve the accuracy of their billing processes.

Billing Dashboard

Flexobill Dashboard

Billing Dashboard is a collection of widgets to gain a general view of the Billing activities.
Can view total number of suppliers, customers, purchases invoice. Bar chart of sales and purchase and pie chart helps to track the operational activity.
This feature empowers the Practice with better Billing Management capabilities.
Benefits of the dashboard is it has a subscription chart with a store information table. View shortcut links of most usable links.


Can manage all the user list and roles list. Adding the user list and roles is a very easy task with name, description, mobile number, email id, password and field. This can also be managed by status active and inactive operation (Enable or disable).

Sales Pos

It is an easy version of a sales entry. Manage database of specific or walk-in customers in POS. Overall sales happening can be managed according to the customer in POS based on stock, price, and discounts. Payment modes are also easily generated through these sales POS.

SMS can also be sent to existing or saved customers when an invoice is generated. POS invoice is formatted. New sales data can be managed by generating the sales list, sales payments and sales return list can also be tracked.


New customer details can be maintained such as name, mobile, email, GST number, tax number, opening balance, country, state, city and postcode, location and bulk import of customer database will help to track the customers status. Customer list will provide the entire list of customers in the organization. Contact details of Supplier and supplier list are also maintained under contacts.


Quotations can be generated based on the customer which is used interchangeably with business proposals. It simply provides the details of the stock, cost of the goods and services and a detailed outlook of the work with business details, customer details, issues and expiration dates, terms and conditions.


All stock related items which are new and existing can be managed. Item list can be generated based on category wise, brand wise and variants list. Labels are also generated and can be printed. Overall item and services list can be imported as a report in flexobill.


All kinds of reports related to sales and purchase, all types of GST and tax reports can be generated through flexobill. These reports can be maintained for audit purposes and to know the organizations financial status. It also provides a detailed report of overall sales and purchases including stock management.

Multiple Warehouse And Branches

A special feature of flexibill software is that multi branches and warehouses can be maintained in one place. All locations, operational events and status of the business can be tracked in one software. Automation systems help to track the sales and purchases happening in all the branches of the business and warehouse management.

SMS Messaging

Send any transactional or promotional SMS to the customers and suppliers from the flexobill. It allows users to communicate with your organization for better relationship and communication.

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